Wizard from Rotterdam. Berry Dijkstra.

When we were studying the old glass block as an object in the beginning, we noticed its sculptural features - precise shape, proportions, scale, graphic patterns and rifled surface, which at that time was intended for better adhesion of cement mortar. When presenting the luminaire we constantly emphasize its sculptural qualities. And so it happened that one day our luminaire was noticed by a collector, design curator, and composition artist from the Netherlands - Berry Dijkstra.

Berry creates furniture installations in which everything revolves around form, material, color and tactility. His multi-storey compositions see objects and furniture of a wide variety of shapes and materials, all sculptural-like. We are fascinated and amazed by the variety of compositions, complexity, mutual coherence and harmony, and, of course, playfulness.

In one interview, Berry Dijkstra said, "My interest in design comes from searching for treasures in every market and thrift store I could find. Even without much knowledge, good designs were easy to spot due to their aesthetics, materials, and form." One day Berry stumbled upon the Kismas lamp, which can now be quite often found in his compositions! We are overwhelmingly glad that, thanks to chance, we have established a friendship with this sincere and impressive artist. The fact that Berry chose the Kismas lamp for his compositions is a joyous confirmation to us that our reflections on the sculptural nature of the glass block of bygone days had a strong base.

We invite you to get acquainted with the fresh, playful, and positive creations of Berry Dijkstra on his Instagram profile and personal website.