KISMAS presents photo project - "Capture the Flux"

Photography is one of the ways to capture the desired moment in the ever-changing flow of life. It allows us to focus our attention on that moment, to analyze it, to recognize feelings, moods, to expand the boundaries of our perception of aesthetics.

The aim of the project is to focus on light, the environment it creates, and to present photography artists and their work together. Photographers Imantas Selenis, Shukowski, Jurga Ramonaitė, Grant Spanier, Gedvilė Tamošiūnaitė are participating in the project. Artists present stories whose main character is light. Here you will see the visual narrative by Shukowski.

Photographer: Shukowski

The artist reflects on his relationship with the Kismas creations using a film noir style.

Shukowski writes: "When I stay at my study after dark, the Kismas lamp remains the only source of light in the room. I think about something important to me while my gaze pleasantly hangs there like I was observing a flame in a bonfire. My studio turns into a film-noir detective's office, and any conversations with late guests feel much more meaningful. Of course, all this is just an illusion, but the Kismas lamp makes us believe it."

Find more Shukowski' photography in his Instagram profile.