KISMAS presents photo project - "Capture the Flux"

Photography is one of the ways to capture the desired moment in the ever-changing flow of life. It allows us to focus our attention on that moment, to analyze it, to recognize feelings, moods, to expand the boundaries of our perception of aesthetics.

The aim of the project is to focus on light, the environment it creates, and to present photography artists and their work together. Photographers Imantas Selenis, Jurga Ramonaitė and Shukowski are participating in the project. Artists present stories whose main character is light. Here you will see the visual narrative by Jurga Ramonaitė.

Photographer: Jurga Ramonaitė

"When I first discovered the process of creating photograms it felt like magic - you are by yourself in a completely light sealed darkroom, at the your fingertips are your tools but you cannot see them. You are working on uncovering something that is not yet visible.

This cameraless process of creating a single image involves careful planning, choreographing and rehearsing your movements then switching off the lights off and recreating this dance. Photo sensitive paper is taken out of a light sealed box then placed onto an easel and under an enlarger, with your negatives or objects carefully arranged it is exposed to a light source before it is chemically processed exposing the final print. Any mistake, light leak or fault within the process will be imprinted onto the paper and you will have to start new.

There’s a lot of beauty in working with light in such a way - it is a slow and meditative process that demands your full awareness. To really appreciate the geometric shapes of the glass blocks it felt suiting to use only light itself when creating these images for Kismas." - Jurga Ramonaitė.

Jurga Ramonaitė is a Lithuanian photographer currently based in London. Check out her fascinating works at and on her Instagram profile.