The project - "Nothing Really Mattress." How it was born and what adventures unfolded alongside it. 

For many, it was a surprise that after launching our first product, the Glass Block Lamp, our second product was so different from the first. Indeed, we are still a fairly young design studio that is exploring and experimenting. When we released our first baby, the lamp, we didn't want to define ourselves as a lighting brand. We want to be free in our choices, creativity, and gradually discover our true path. One thing is clear to us: we want to create quality products that bring sincere joy to our customers.


The idea for Nothing Really Mattress was born in our studio during a brainstorm on how to apply artistic illustration to non-traditional use. While it's common to see illustrators' creations on clothes, prints, fabric bags, scarves, or blankets, we aimed to discover a new, untapped object.

Then we remembered the inflatable pool mattress. It has a large surface area for illustration, is relatively small when deflated, so it is convenient to ship, and when inflated, it becomes a large object. This summery accessory is already a mood-boosting item on its own. However, the visual design of inflatable pool mattresses is usually monochromatic or has a specific pattern, which in many cases can be boring. 

Why not create a colorful illustration on it? We hadn't come across a well-executed pool mattress design yet. So the idea was born, and we couldn't let it go.

We began our search for illustrators. As enthusiasts of graphic design and illustration, we sifted through numerous portfolios until we stumbled upon Jose Mendez's work. His style is truly unique; the illustrator blends colors perfectly, his characters exude a wild, badass, and spicy spirit. Does this align with a pool mattress typically used for lounging in the sun and enjoying an uplifted mood? Absolutely! 

Jose has collaborated with brands such as Apple, Audi, BBC, Converse, Spotify, and Nike. So he will definitely be a professional person. We had no more questions and contacted Jose. He immediately liked the idea, and we started working.


We drew inspiration for the illustration's character from the moody atmosphere of Wham's "Club Tropicana" music video, which was filmed at the legendary Ibiza party hotspot, Tony Pike's hotel. Indeed, the character was inspired by the mischievous Tony Pike himself.

Note that the crocco on our mattress wears a similar scarf as Tony Pike in the Wham music video. Get acquainted with this iconic figure of Ibiza here. 

After confirming the illustration, we began testing it with the product, and as the first prototypes started to arrive, we realized that the object functions perfectly as an impressive-sized illustration at home. Its vibrant colors and ample size make it ideal for filling larger empty spaces, offering something new and unconventional in interior design.

We also were pleasantly surprised by the printing quality. The manufacturer uses a next-generation material called Pongee, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, resulting in a surface that is both silky and very durable. So, the colorful illustration on this type of fabric stands out vividly and in high quality.

Locations for a photoshoot

Alright, we have the product, but now we'll need to present it to our audience. Obviously, in Lithuania, due to the cold climate and grey skies in early spring, we won't be able to carry out the photoshoot. However, we need beautiful beaches and a poolside photoshoot. So, possible options include Italy, Greece, or Spain. We open and start looking for locations. 

We browse through hundreds of hotels and villas until the song "Wham - Club Tropicana" pops up again, prompting us to check what Ibiza has to offer. And then, we found the perfect option - Tropicana Suites. It's a highly colorful 80s Miami-style hotel with a fantastic pool area. This hotel belongs to The Concept hotel group, known for creating truly unique retro interiors and atmospheres for their hotels. We highly recommend you to discover them - .

With the hotel, although not immediately, we finally managed to agree on the photoshoot! Bingo! All that's left is to find beach locations, and in our search, we discovered that near Ibiza is the small Balearic island of Formentera with stunning beaches. Our advice - without a doubt add it to your bucket list! Wide beaches with white sand and dunes, beaches with magnificent cliffs, turquoise blue water everywhere - this small island has everything!

Two key factors

For this project, we had already selected and arranged with the photographer, Elena Krukonytė. She is one of the best-known young fashion photographers in Lithuania, having studied photography both in Lithuania and in the Netherlands. Elena's uniqueness lies in her deep interest in and immersion into the aesthetics of the 2000s era. She has an exceptionally good sense of perspective, uses highly professional analog photography equipment, and is very disciplined!

The model for the photoshoot is another crucial component. Although it would have been nice to have both male and female models, unfortunately, the budget is already stretching beyond its limits. So in this situation, we had only one option in mind. We noticed a freckled, non-typical Lithuanian-looking woman with many tattoos on her Instagram. At that time, Agnė Kaminskaitė wasn't even a professional model, she occasionally participated in non-commercial photoshoots. However, from her Instagram account, we saw all we needed. She poses exceptionally well, and as an extraordinary-looking girl, she and our badass mattress will make a bomb duo.

Trip to Ibiza, Photoshoot, and Adventures

So, I, Ramūnas (the main engine of Kismas design studio), and Elena, traveled from Lithuania to Ibiza via Barcelona. Meanwhile Agne had to arrive from London, where she was studying at the time..  Of course, everything can't go smoothly. The day before the flight, I caught a virus, which caused my temperature to suddenly rise to +39°C, along with other consequences of the virus .. After a few days, upon reaching the Tropicana hotel,  the situation stabilized. However, we then received a message from Agne saying that the road to the airport in London was under construction, and there was a big question mark about whether she'd make it to the plane.. Finally, she made it, and the three of us met up at the Tropicana hotel on the late evening of April 30th. Luck was on our side because, despite some struggles, everything went according to plan. Well, maybe except one thing next morning. We woke up with a heavily overcast sky on the morning of the first day of the photoshoot. Morning sunlight is crucial for a good result in a photoshoot, so cloudy skies didn't promise anything good.

The rollercoaster of emotions over the past few days has been intense. The anxiety of potentially losing part of the photoshoot was significant. But then the clouds started to slowly dissipate, and we had a wonderful day shooting at the hotel.

The second day also had its surprises. During the first photoshoot, having arrived from misty Lithuania to Ibiza, we weren't prepared for the intensity of the sun. Our photographer, Elena, suffered from sunstroke after spending several hours in the sun, and the next day she struggled with its severe consequences.
However, as planned, we moved to the island of Formentera, where Agne and I went to a beach cafe to have coffee while Elena napped in the car until midday.. So when sometimes we are looking at the photos, we can't see what was happening behind the scenes, sometimes things may seem smooth and flawless, like in an ideal shot, but we need to remember that reality is not always rosy, but ok it's Nothing Really Mattress.. hah.

Despite everything, the result of the photoshoot was very pleasing to all of us. It was a memorable project that we will remember as a great adventure where we never gave up and remained optimistic at every step. A big thanks to Elena and Agne for their contributions, and a big thanks to you for reading this story. Let's make this summer one to remember!

The text was prepared by Ramūnas Minkevičius, founder of Kismas.